What Information Do We Need?


We are interested in all records! But in order to have a good biological record we need four crucial pieces of information:



What was seen 
The species name, their scientific name if possible



Where it was seen
The site name e.g. “Birmingham Canal by the NIA” and ideally a 6 figure Ordnance Survey grid map reference; for example: "SP059868".


Click here for help with grid references

A map is also a good way of indicating the location of a record.

Please contact us if you require assistance with this.



When it was seen
The date the record was made, ideally in dd/mm/yyyy format, but less precise dates are also acceptable

e.g. “March 2009” “February to April 2008” or “2009”



Who saw it
The name of the recorder(s)



In addition to these details you can also make a note of other useful pieces of information such as numbers seen, breeding status, sex, stage (e.g. larval, juvenile, adult), etc. These will make your records even more complete.

You can also include a brief description of the site and location of your record (e.g. hedgerow in garden, wooded stream) and any other comments you may feel are relevant.

Remember! Photographs are a good way of helping to identify/verify your records.