Help with Grid References


Great Britain is covered by 100 x 100 km grid squares. Each grid square is identified by 2 letters. Birmingham and the Black Country straddles four of these squares: SJ, SK, SO and SP.


Grid References


Each of these 100km squares are divided into 10km squares (e.g. SP08) which can be further subdivided to give more precise grid references (4, 6 or 8 figure grid reference)

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Calculating a Grid Reference for a Location


To get a 6 figure grid reference for a location:


Click on the large pink "I want to get a map now" button

Here you can search for a map by place name or postcode.

Click on the location you need a grid reference for (this will centre the map on that location).

A six figure grid reference will be displayed underneath the map
e.g. “Grid reference at centre - SP 054 858 GB Grid”

(You will only need to make a note of the “SP 054 858” part).