Data held by EcoRecord is available to everyone, however a handling charge may be made. Charges are made to cover the time it takes staff to process the information request. Income generated is used to improve data computerisation and data management and support the work of local voluntary naturalists.

We are able to:

Provide information on plants, animals and habitats across Birmingham and the Black Country

Provide information on statutory and non-statutory wildlife sites as well as other areas within Birmingham and the Black Country

Provide information on the current status and distribution of species and habitats

Analyse and interpret the information to meet users requirements

Support and assist recorders and other people who collect wildlife information with their recording efforts


Examples of our Products


Species Lists



We can tailor an output to meet individual needs.

Species lists can be provided for a specified site or area of search and are usually provided in spreadsheet format.


These include lists of:


  • Protected Species (NERC/Section 41, WC act, European protected species)
  • Biodiversity Action Plan Species (Local and National priorities)
  • Other Species of Conservation Concern (e.g. RSPB red and amber list birds)
  • All species records we hold for a particular site
  • Invasive Plant Species (Wildlife and Countryside Act Schedule 9)




Designated Sites Map



Map showing the occurrence of statutory and non-statutory wildlife sites within a specified area.


This is usually provided as an A4 Jpeg but other formats may be available on request.




Distribution Maps


Distribution maps of species and habitats.




Bespoke Analysis Maps



Coincidence mapping.




Habitat Maps



Phase I habitat maps for a given site (if information is available)