The Mammals of Birmingham and the Black Country


A remarkable proportion of the UK’s wild mammals are to be found within Birmingham and the Black Country. From red deer to the tiny harvest mouse and pygmy shrew there is remarkable diversity, and the situation is changing all the time. 


Over the next couple of months we're planning to focus on the Mammals of Birmingham & the Black Country.  We’ve decided to do this as there are currently Mammal Atlases in production for both Worcestershire and Warwickshire vice-counties so focusing on capturing recent mammal records for Birmingham and the Black Country is key to making sure the area is well-represented!  We hope that this exercise will also allow us to produce an updated set of maps for each of the mammal species in B&BC.


Having recent records for the various mammal species will also be useful for giving us an idea of their distribution across the Birmingham and the Black Country conurbation.


In 2003, along with B&BC Wildlife Trust, we produced a provisional atlas of The Mammals of Birmingham and the Black Country – available to view and download here.


Recording effort varies significantly across different species and while Mice, voles and shrews are poorly recorded, chiefly due to the need for live-trapping, the most ‘common’ species in terms of number of records on our database is the Common Pipistrelle bat – undoubtedly partly due to of the high levels of expert recording directed at bat species.


Most Recorded Mammals in B&BC



There are 37 species of wild mammal recorded in Birmingham and the Black Country:


Bats - Chiroptera


Bats - 12 species

Serotine Brandt's Bat Daubenton's Bat


Eptesicus serotinus

Brandt's Bat  

Myotis brandtii

Daubenton's Bat  

Myotis daubentonii

Whskered Bat Natterer's Bat Lesser Noctule

Whiskered Bat  

Myotis mystacinus

Natterer's Bat  

Myotis nattereri

Lesser Noctule  

Nyctalus leisleri

Noctule Nathusius's Pipistrelle Common Pipistrelle


Nyctalus noctula

Nathusius's Pipistrelle

Pipistrellus nathusii

Common Pipistrelle 

Pipistrellus pipistrellus

Soprano Pipistrelle Brown Long-eared Bat Lesser Horseshoe Bat

Soprano Pipistrelle

Pipistrellus pygmaeus

Brown Long-eared Bat -

Plecotus auritus

Lesser Horseshoe Bat

Rhinolophus hipposideros


Useful Links

See also our page on bat recording


Rodents - Rodentia


Mice – 4 species

Yellow-necked Mouse Wood Mouse Harvest Mouse

Yellow-necked Mouse

Apodemus flavicollis

Wood Mouse

Apodemus sylvaticus

Harvest Mouse

Micromys minutus 

House Mouse    

House Mouse

Mus musculus




Rats – 1 species

 Brown Rat

Brown Rat 

Rattus norvegicus



Voles – 3 species

Water Vole Field Vole Bank Vole

European Water Vole 

Arvicola amphibius

Field Vole

Microtus agrestis

Bank Vole

Myodes glareolus



Squirrels – 1 species

 Grey Squirrel

Grey Squirrel

Sciurus carolinensis


Hedgehogs, Moles and Shrews - Eulipotyphla 


Hedgehogs – 1 species


West European Hedgehog

Erinaceus europaeus



 Shrews - 3 species

Water Shrew Common Shrew Pygmy Shrew

Water Shrew

Neomys fodiens

Common Shrew

Sorex araneus

Pygmy Shrew 

Sorex minutus




Moles - 1 species

European Mole

European Mole

Talpa europaea


Rabbits and Hares - Lagomorpha


Hares – 1 species

Brown Hare

Brown Hare

Lepus europaeus




Rabbits - 1 speces

European Rabbit

European Rabbit

Oryctolagus cuniculus


Carnivorans - Carnivora


Mustelids – 6 Species (plus 1 sub-species)

European Otter Badger Stoat

European Otter

Lutra lutra

Eurasian Badger

Meles meles


Mustela erminea

Weasel Polecat Feral Ferret


Mustela nivalis


Mustela putorius

Feral Ferret

Mustela putorius subsp. furo

American Mink    

American Mink

Neovison vison





Canids- 1 species

Red Fox

Red Fox

Vulpes vulpes 



Even-toed ungulates - Artiodactyla


Deer - 3 species

Roe Deer Red Deer - male Muntjac

Roe Deer

Capreolus capreolus

Red Deer  

Cervus elaphus


Muntiacus reevesi


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