We are very excited to announce the first of a series of species atlases exploring the invertebrates of Birmingham and the Black Country. This first atlas looks at the distribution of the 178 species of hoverfly recorded in our area. You can read and download it here .



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2019 is the Year Of The Fly and June is #30DaysWild so we're launching HoverWatch – where we want you to tell us what hoverflies you see visiting your garden in Birmingham & the Black Country!


The aim of HoverWatch is to find out what hoverflies are visiting gardens in the area.  Many hoverfly species can be identified from a photo (even from a smartphone!) so we are asking you to photograph any species you see, and send us the photo.


Marmalade Hoverfly - Episyrphus balteatus

Marmalade Hoverfly

(Episyrphus balteatus)


We’ve created a set of ID guides to some of the more common hoverfly species, but don’t worry if you don’t know what it is straight away – we can help. 


To enlarge the guides right click on them and open in a new tab.


ID Guide HW01


Here’s an ID guide to some of the slightly trickier species which you can ID from a photo of certain key features…


Hoverfly ID Guide HW02


Many hoverflies are mimics of bees or wasps.  Here's some examples:

 Wasp Mimics


Send photos to us by iRecord or download the handy iRecord phone app (iPhone or Android). 


Note: if you are using iRecord you will need to enter the hoverfly’s ‘scientific (Latin) name’ as it may not recognise the English name. If you're not sure what species it it you can record it as just 'hoverfly'.


Alternatively you can send your hoverfly photos to us by tweeting them @EcoRecording or by posting on the EcoRecord Facebook group  where we’ll try to help you identify what species they are.


In order for us to add records to our hoverfly distribution maps we will need to know where they have been seen – a postcode is ideal or you can use this website to find a 6 figure grid reference.


If you prefer you can email your postcode or grid reference separately to enquiries@ecorecord.org.uk and we’ll associate any garden records you spot to that location.


If you live outside of Birmingham & the Black Country you can still take part by recording your sightings using iRecord or joining the fantastic UK Hoverfly Facebook group where experts will help you to ID your species 


Happy hovering!