Provisional Batlas of Birmingham and the Black Country


The Provisional Batlas is a joint publication by Brumbats (the Birmingham and Black Country Bat Group) and EcoRecord (Local Environmental Record Centre for B&BC), and it explores records of the 12 bat species reported in B&BC between 1983 and 2014. These records are visualised through a series of engaging maps describing the distribution and abundance of bats across the conurbation.


Provisional Batlas of Birmingham and the Black Country Cover - cropped


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The records which make up these maps have come from a wide variety of sources - from keen amateur experts and bat ecologists to observant members of the public.  This publication acts as a more in-depth update to the bat section of the previous Provisional Mammal Atlas produced in 2003.


This Provisional Batlas paves the way for the future publication of a 'full' Batlas, based on a systematic survey of bats across the whole area.  This survey is currently underway and the results of this will provide us with a much more complete picture of the bats in Birmingham and the Black Country.


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